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Max middle son is not in our little family, but he is the first upertasti.
From childhood he wanted to serve in the US Army when he knocked 17 all - still decided to go into the Army. 18 he graduated, basic training, we are very proud of them, but our joy came to an end, when we arrived and were told that our son goes to war in Iraq.
Exactly at 19:00 we arrived at the airport to say goodbye to Max.
At 19:10 the soldiers were allowed to say goodbye to the family we stayed until the last, so as not to cry with him, because they saw that he too was not very fun.
At 19:20 Max convoy of 150 people built and went to the plane, when he went into the plane, we have not sustained and burst into tears.

2008-2009 year

Each day, week, month, year, we received news from Max, in his letters he told me what happened to him in Iraq as it is very much wants to go home, that he does not hold it all that weighs in the balance of suicide.

July 7, 2009

Max wrote to us and we can say that he has pleased us greatly that their convoy returned on July 11 and that he greatly missed by all of us especially for Samantha.

9-10 July 2009

We stopped getting news from Max in our head is already emerged that he was taken prisoner, maybe he was seriously wounded and can not be hospitalized. But the real reason was much worse than he was in ambush in enemy territory, where every probably 10 minutes they were raids.

July 11, 2009.

At 12:00 we arrived at the airport, where a year ago we saw off Max on the war, but today we meet. We were glad that he finally returned home.
13:30 The plane sat on the landing.
13:40 we met Max when he saw us, he cheered up a bit, came up to us, Sam and whispered to us in your ear: "They came back only 70 of the 150" At this moment, we all had a shock as soon as 70 ...
14:50 my whole family came home

4 months later

Max kept to himself and stopped to talk at all and the room he was leaving his only rarely just to eat it. One day when my wife and I went to the store to buy that product to the food, and when we arrive, we see Samantha with a gun and Max with lowered to the question: "What is going on here?" Sam replied, "Max tried to commit suicide, but when I came, he had changed his mind. "The husband did not think long, he called his brother Lieutenant US Army and asked for help.

Max began to visit, very good military psychologist and every day, we saw that our son back to us. Began to talk, laugh, in his room is not sitting, frequent contact with their comrades from the convoy. In short, he was on the mend.
Air Force and went to Samantha and both of them included in Crew Chief F-22.
July 22, 2009 Max raised in rank, but he had PTSD.


March 6, 2010 Max retired from the Air Force and joined the Marines.
After complete the course of a young soldier he was sent under the command of Captain McCall.

May 29, 2010

Max was the second time sent to Iraq.

February 15, 2011

Went home and asked his father, so he again gave the same military psychologist that was then.


14 May and 30 July. Two of our son graduated from officer school, and both had received the rank of second lieutenant.
August 1
We were visited by Captain John Mitchell with the document "top secret" and said that it is our sons. In the evening, we learned that they were being sent to Iraq.
2-31 August
We were thrilled when we in Iraq had one son, now we worry a hundred times stronger there in Iraq, our two sons.
As with Max, and every day we receive letters from them. But on Aug. 29 letter and stopped coming from Max and from Chris. But we had no idea that we would have to say goodbye to one of our sons.
August 31, came to our house and Colonel Mills said that one of our sons, to be exact Chris Kutcher was killed in the performance of military duty to the country. Late in the evening Max came home and said that the funeral will be held tomorrow, Chris.

September 1st.
Funeral Second Lieutenant Chris Kutcher. Our son was posthumously awarded the Bronze Star, Purple Heart and Silver Star.


SamanthaMitchell's Profile Picture
Samantha Mitchell
United States
My name is Samantha Mitchell, I am a photographer, and serving in the U.S. Air Force
Photograph people and animals, architecture and wildlife. And everything that seems interesting to me. Pictures of people, perhaps like the most. A good frame can catch the emotions of those shades that the human eye does not always have time to notice. So sometimes people even before the camera is well known person is revealed from an unexpected quarter.

I love my job just for those moments of joyful discovery. And for the boundless possibility of self-improvement.

By mastering the intricacies of the profession, learn a lot about the people you shoot, the world in which you live.

But other than that, you learn a lot about herself. The fact that you need to trust your eye and your hand - because the eyes and hands are sometimes smarter than the head. The fact that the photographer - this is not a profession but a way of life.


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